Challenge #1

Your Cognitive Primer

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So what's going on in your mind?

Inside the cognitive primer you'll find a hand picked collection of essential documents from as far back as 1919, designed to help you more clearly identify what is happening in your life, why things happen the way they do and why you feel like life keep going around in circles.

Included in the archive you'll find practical examples, and strategies to help you through the process of demystifying your thought processes and emotional attachments and better understanding your true nature as a focal point of awareness.

There seems to be a war going on around us, and the battle field is our minds. Use this cognitive primer as your primary weapon to clear the path forward.

Some of the topics covered include;


Artificial Synchronicity

Language Manipulation

"The Influencing Machine"

War on Consciousness

Comprehend Every Section

The documents you are about to download are extremely detailed and vivid. Ensure you understand each section before you move onto the next. Spend time contemplating on the ideas provided for examples in your own life and start working through the correlations.

Remain Neutral Emotionally

At the heart of this 'war on consciousness' is our emotion and how these emotions feed the system and perpetuate it's growth. As you go through these documents try to remain as neutral emotionally as possible and let facts and your experience lead the way for you.

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